Just like any other software you use perhaps, your phone or tablet, a WordPress Website must be maintained regularly. This will guarantee the effective and continuous functioning of your site. Many WordPress site owners either do not know how to conduct scheduled maintenance on their site or they are too busy with other aspects of their business. Instead of trying to handle every detail of your website yourself, why not allow a team of professionals to handle all maintenance issues and technical details? This leads to a higher search ranking, better website performance and above all, a safer WordPress website and all for only $2.00 a day.

Still not convinced why you need to hire an expert to maintain your WordPress site for you? Here are obvious reasons why you should do so now!

  • Analyses analytics

Analytics are essential for improving your website performance. A professional WordPress maintenance guru knows how to analyze and maintain your analytics and determine if something has gone wrong. For example, if a certain page on your website has a high bounce rate, it is either something is not loading correctly, or you need to change the layout. How is your marketing campaign doing, with analytics you can follow all the people who are coming to your site, how long they stayed, did they get your buy signal and much more. Analytics is key to successful business.

  • Keeps software updated

WordPress needs to be updated regularly. This will automatically improve site speed, increase performance, patch security flaws and fix bugs. If your WordPress is not updated, your plugins won’t be left out. And sooner than you think, your entire website might be at risk. Using WordPress maintenance services removes all the risks associated with updating. The service handles everything while ensuring that your theme or plugin is compatible with a new WordPress update. Your digital website issues are covered for $3.00 a day including a live help desk to answer your questions or fix development problem. This is insurance you can’t afford to not have.

  • Performs and verify backups

An incorrect theme, bad update, and a hacked website could take your business offline sooner than you think. When was the last time you conducted a backup for your website? This is an important aspect of WordPress website maintenance that many site owners skip happily. But not to worry, a professional WordPress maintenance service can help with backups, storage and verify them to ensure they are functional. Plus, three hours every month of live help desk assistance and development work. All this for $5.00 a day. A small price for complete peace of mind your website’s performance is optimal 24-hours a day.

Are you ready to give your WordPress website the love and care it craves? Contact Updategeeks today for all your WordPress maintenance needs.


  • Website security
  • Backup service
  • Install update
  • Tracking analytics
  • Database optimization
  • Uptime monitoring




This is the best plan suitable for individuals that own a small business. With all the features you will need to optimize your WordPress website as a company fully, you wouldn’t have to worry about frequent maintenance. It costs $59 per month. For only $2.00 a day you can feel confident your site is up and operating at its maximum performance.


This is perfect for any business that demands more technical support. Whether you run a big firm or manage a small business, the Plus plan has got something for you. It costs $99 per month about $3.00 a day.


If you have a larger site that typically requires more development time, this plan is all you need. It comes with functional help desk support, Woo (E) Commerce support and up to 40 plugin updates. It costs $139 per month. Total peace of mind for about $5.00 a day

No matter the extent of your site’s maintenance, experts at Update geeks can fix most anything,  and in most cases, quickly and efficiently without website downtime. Do want to know if we keep to our word? Get in touch with us today. 310 9457-414.